Bridge With Imagination - David Bird & Geir Helgemo

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Bridge With Imagination by David Bird & Geir Helgemo

Geir Helgemo, of Norway, is currently rated as the best player in the world. As a junior he won the European Junior Teams, the World Junior Pairs, and was runner-up in the World Junior Championship. At the age of only 23 he finished runner-up in the Bermuda Bowl, the senior world championship. Only 30 now, he has won the Generali world individual championship, the Schiphol Teams, the Politiken World Pairs, the Cap Gemini Invitational and the Macallan Invitational (twice). In the USA he has won the North American Swiss teams, the North American Open Pairs, the North American Point-a-board and the Reisinger trophy (twice).

In this intriguing book Geir joins forces with Britain's top bridge writer, David Bird, to share the secrets of his amazing success. The hands feature Geir at the table, competing in tournaments around the world. Many are drawn from his private records and have never appeared before. Foremost among Geirs' qualities is imagination - the ability to conjure tricks in an unusual and exciting way. By reading this book, the aspiring player cannot help but improve his or her own game.

David Bird has written 54 books on bridge and is bridge correspondent for the Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. A Grandmaster and international player, he writes regularly for all the worlds top bridge magazines.Geir Helgemo is a young and exciting player, rated by many as the worlds best player. He had won a host of top-class events, with several different partners, and is renowned for his brilliant and sensational cardplay.

160 pages, paperback

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