Don’t be Fooled! Countering Deception at Bridge - Danny Roth



Don’t be Fooled! Countering Deception at Bridge - Danny Roth
Don’t be Fooled! Countering Deception at Bridge by Danny Roth

Many books have been written on falsecards and other deceptive plays at the bridge table. However, there is very little help available for the player who wants to learn how to recognize when the opponents are trying something sneaky, and what can be done in terms of counter-measures. This book fills that gap – readers will learn the most common situations where deceptive play by the opposition may occur, and the most effective ways to nullify the threat.

Danny Roth, of London, England, is a professional bridge teacher and writer with more than twenty books to his credit. His most recent MPP offering, 'How Good is Your Bridge' won the Best Book for Intermediate Students Award in 2008 from the American Bridge Teachers Association.

Categories: Intermediate | Advanced | Defense

Master Point Press, Paperback, 198pp | ISBN 978-1-77140-051-0

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