Famous Bridge Swings - David Bird



Famous Bridge Swings - David Bird
Famous Bridge Swings by David Bird

Paperback, 226 pages

After a hard-fought match or perhaps a week-end of matchpoint play, it is well worth the effort to look at all your bad boards and see if any lessons can be learned.

In this book you will have the chance to learn from other players’ mistakes. We will look at over 150 big swings from international play. The nett swings will average over 18 IMPs per deal, with some of more than 30 IMPs. Every deal will illustrate at least one important point of bidding, play or defense. By analyzing how and why the great stars of the game went wrong, you will have the chance to put your own game in order.

To get the maximum benefit from the book, you should ask yourself: ‘Would I have made that mistake?’ or perhaps ‘Why was West’s 5S bid wrong?’ Don’t just accept the writer’s verdict as to who was at fault. Bridge is a game of opinions. Sometimes a player’s action is clearly right or wrong. When it’s a close decision, even expert opinions may vary.

The purpose of the book is not solely to improve your game. The deals are entertaining in their own right. We all make mistakes, occasionally horrific ones, and it’s reassuring to see that even the greatest players occasionally do the same!

About the Author
David Bird is 71 and lives with his wife, Thelma, in Chandlers Ford near Winchester. He has two children, Claire and James, and two grandchildren, Daniel and Hannah. After 30 years with IBM, specialising in computer graphics, he retired early to work full-time as a bridge writer. He has written a record 137 books on the game and contributes regularly to Bridge Magazine, English Bridge, ACBL Bulletin, Bridge World, Australian Bridge, New Zealand Listener and other periodicals. He is a frequent voice commentator on Bridge Base Online. As a player, he won 11 national championships and played for England in the one and only international against the USSR. His hobbies include wine drinking and travelling the world. He has contributed nearly 700 restaurant and hotel reviews on Tripadvisor.

ISBN-13: 978-1771401746, Master Point Press

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