Modern Losing Trick Count - Klinger



Modern Losing Trick Count - Klinger
The Modern Losing Trick Count
Bidding to Win at Bridge
Ron Klinger

The Cornerstone to bidding skill is accurate valuation of your cards. Most players feel they have done all they need to as soon as they have counted their high card points. No wonder their results are so haphazard when they miss out on one of the great challenges of the game. Do you want to be able to:
  • Bid games easily and confidently with no more than 20 points?
  • Find slams quickly and efficiently with 26 points and even less?
  • Reach grand slams on 30 points and less without the slightest trepidation?
  • Stop conveniently at a low level when despite an apparently high point count you can assess simply that the values for game and slam are not present?
  • Locate without difficulty those sacrifices which cost you little compared with their contract and avoid those sacrifices which are too expensive?
This superior valuation technique can be used in conjunction with your present methods and any bidding system, And you will be able yto use it even if your partner has never heard of it! The Modern Losing Trick Count will immediately enhance your chances of winning whether it is social rubber bridge or world class competition.

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