Omar Sharif talks Bridge - Omar Sharif & David Bird

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Omar Sharif talks Bridge by Omar Sharif & David Bird

Stop the average man in the street and ask him: Who is the worlds most famous bridge player? What reply would you get? A current American world champion, perhaps, or one of the legendary Italian Blue Team? No, the odds are high that you would hear Omar Sharif, the film star. He's good, isn't he?For over three decades Omar has been a splendid ambassador for the game that has gripped him like a vice. In this book he shows you the most enjoyable and spectacular hands that he has played. He relates what happened when he toured America with four Italian world champions. Any team that could beat them would be awarded a new Lancia Beta sports car each! Omar tells also of some brilliant hands that have been played against him. If you like an easy life, just sit back and enjoy Omar talking about the game. Or you can work a bit harder, studying the hands more deeply and listening to Omar's tips for success. Either way, a rewarding experience awaits you.

Omar Sharif is a world-famous film star, acclaimed for his roles in Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Zhivago and Funny Girl. Bridge correspondent for The Observer, he has partnered many of the worlds top players and won a world championship silver medal.
David Bird has written over 70 books on the game and is bridge correspondent for the Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. The worlds top writer of humorous bridge, David first made his name with stories of the bridge-crazy monks of St Titus.

208 pages, paperback

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