Practical Bridge Endings - Chien-Hwa Wang



Practical Bridge Endings by Chien-Hwa Wang

However sophisticated your opening conventions, you cannot avoid difficult endgame situations - and it is here that so many contracts are won and lost.

The hands appearing in this book are all taken from actual play and illustrate the whole range of endgame techniques available to declarer:
  • elimination play
  • simple squeeze
  • trump coup
  • double and triple squeeze
  • The Devil's Coup
  • smother play
  • Crocodile's coup
  • guard squeeze
And many more. This book is the ideal self-tutor for any intermediate player, providing a feast of bridge ingenuity which will be enjoyed by all enthusiasts, whatever their level of play.

Chien-Hwa Wang has been widely published in bridge magazines and is the author of The Squeeze at Bridge.He is Professor of Mathematics at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

paperback, 127 pages

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