Reese on Play - Terence Reese



Reese on Play by Terence Reese

"An Introduction to Good Bridge" - Terence Reese's original subtitle to his 1948 classic, "Reese On Play", really says it all. This book on card play is intended to show the average player how to become a good player, and the good player how to become a better player. More than sixty years after it first appeared, "Reese On Play", is still required reading for any bridge player wanting to improve his or her card play as declarer or defender. It covers the gamut: counting, card reading, safety plays, deception, communications, the opening lead, defensive tactics, and finally endgames - eliminations, throw-ins, trump coups and squeezes.

Terence Reese was arguably the best bridge writer of all time. A multiple World and National champion, he was the author of scores of books, some of them classics of bridge literature.

Paperback, 192 pages

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