The Daily Telegraph: Winning Bridge at Home - Tony Forrester

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The Daily Telegraph: Winning Bridge at Home by Tony Forrester

In addition to the tens of thousands of regular club and tournament players in every bridge-playing country in the world, there are millions of players who prefer to play bridge at home. As the bridge columnist of The Daily Telegraph Tony Forrester is keenly aware of the needs and interests of this group of players and has designed a three-book series especially for them.

This third volume aims to turn an average home player into a consistently "winning" player. The book's four sections cover Competitive Bidding, The Constructive Auction, Declarer Play and Defence. Using a clear step-by-step approach, reinforced by self-testing quizzes and spiced with humour, this easy-to-follow book will increase your expertise in all aspects of the game. It is full of tips and insights from which any player will learn a great deal.

softcover, 144 pages

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