The Thin Fine Line - Neil Kimelman

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The Thin Fine Line by Neil Kimelman
A sequel to Improve Your Bidding Judgment

In this sequel to Improve Your Bidding Judgment, the author continues the discussion of the ideas behind good decision-making during the auction at bridge, getting into areas and agreements that were not dealt with in his first book.

Praise for Improve Your Bidding Judgment:
“I found myself in agreement with the author on almost everything he said.”
Julian Pottage.

"Great advice delivered in easily comprehensible form and backed by well-chosen examples. These 200 pages will definitely improve your bridge and make you a tougher opponent."
- The National Post, Toronto

“For those who are prepared to study the material there is a lot here that will help to develop your bidding judgement — and, as the author says, 'Bidding is where you win or lose at bridge'."
- BRIDGE magazine, London UK

ISBN 978-1-897106-93-8, Paperback, Master Point Press

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