A Second Book of Bridge Problems - Patrick O'Connor



A Second Book of Bridge Problems - Patrick O'Connor
A Second Book of Bridge Problems - Patrick O'Connor

Paperback, 128 pages

Like the author's first book (A First Book of Bridge Problems, named Book of the Year for 2012 by the American Bridge Teachers Association), this sequel comprises fifty problems in declarer play and defense for the beginning or near-beginning player, presented in approximate order of difficulty. The problems are slightly more advanced than those in the first book.

Experienced players recognize certain standard situations without having to work them out. This does not apply to novices, who spend a lot of mental effort on them. The aim of the book is to get novices to develop their recognition of these situations. The idea is to present bridge hands as the reader would encounter them playing at the table. Unlike in a textbook, where topics are introduced systematically, there is no clue as to what type of play is required.

About the Author
Patrick O'Connor (Sydney, Australia) is a retired IT consultant who now teaches beginning bridge classes.

Categories: Beginner | Declarer Play | Defense | Novice | Problems & Puzzles

ISBN 978-1-77140-011-4, Masterpoint Press

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