Beginning Bridge - Andrew Robson (Book + Cards)



Beginning Bridge - Andrew Robson (Book + Cards)
Beginning Bridge by Andrew Robson (Book + Cards)
Partnership, Tactics, Imagination, Deduction

Paperback, 60 pages

Beginning Bridge book is simply the best way to start playing Bridge

The Arrow Packs will let you deal the hands (without seeing the playing card faces) from Andrew's book allowing an interactive version of the learning process.
You can then play out the deal and compare the bidding and play at your table with the bidding and play in the book. Great fun and a brilliant way to learn.
The book contains 60 deals spread over 60 pages covering all aspects of the game.

The world's most ingenious game simplified by Britain's number one player/teacher/writer

About the Author
Andrew Robson is an English professional bridge player, writer and teacher. He is a former World and European Champion, Andrew writes daily for The Times and runs the famous Andrew Robson Bridge Club in London.

ISBN-13: 978-1908866028

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