Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami Kehela - Roy Hughes



Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami Kehela
by Roy Hughes

When the going gets tough...

"You never really beat Murray and Kehela - you were just temporarily ahead of them." - Bob Hamman, many times world champion

Eric Murray and Sami Kehela, despite very different personalities, were the most successful bridge pair Canada has ever produced. There were times when they were considered the best pair in the world. The closer and harder the match the tougher they became. And they never gave up.

This book, for the first time, tells the story of more than 30 years of triumphs, near-triumphs, and might-have-beens. This was bridge in a different era, an era when Canadians had to beat out the top U.S. players in grueling North American pairs trials. Perhaps the bidding was less sophisticated than it is today, but as the deals in this book will confirm, the standard of card play was every bit as good.

ROY HUGHES is a Canadian bridge expert who has played in a number of World Championships. His background in mathematics and linguistics has led him to think a great deal about the theory and structure of effective bidding systems. Roy is also an accomplished musician, a talent he shares with his wife, Erika.

Categories: General Interest | Canadian Authors

ISBN 978-1-897106-21-1, Paperback, 176 pages, Master Point Press

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