Constructive Bidding 402 - Stephen Paul



Constructive Bidding 402 by Stephen Paul

This book is a follow-up to Constructive Bidding 401, which introduced the teamwork and structure needed for a complete bidding system. Together, the two books provide advancing partnerships a complete and consistent framework in the form of a bidding system for competition in stratified tournaments at higher levels.

Book Two begins with opener’s rebids and progresses to slam bidding. The book finishes a discussion on the strategy required for Matchpoints and IMPs. Two Over One bids and Forcing 1NT are a small component of this bidding system. Of greater importance is the need to define and manage a broad range of bidding situations in a predictable fashion. While discussion on Two Over One is complete, it is a small portion of the total content and the focus is on a complete system.

Patterned after a college text book, concepts are presented, explained and then detailed in a tabular format. A summary and quiz following each major section develops the reader’s understanding. The quizzes in both books contain more than 450 question and answers.

STEPHEN PAUL (CALGARY) is an avid club player and long-time student. Retirement from a successful engineering career afforded the time to pursue a fascination with competitive duplicate bridge. He is a firm believer that lasting success requires great teamwork, well-defined partnership agreements, and the support of understanding friends and family. 

Categories: Bidding | Intermediate | Advanced | Honors eBooks | Honors Books

Paperback, 200 pages, Master Point Press


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