Learn Bridge with Andrew Robson (DVD)



Learn Bridge with Andrew Robson (DVD)
32 Simple steps to master bridge bascis

Andrew presents a 32 part video bridge course. Using Andrew's experience from a 25 year career as championship bridge player and teacher, this course will provide viewers with a compelling educational arc from complete beginner to accomplished bridge player. The first section ('Getting Started') will provide the basic educational tools from which to discover the game. Thereafter, the viewer will be given a step-by-step guide to the key skills of the game. As well as Andrew's engaging presence as guide and teacher, LEARN BRIDGE includes advanced visual graphics, animated bridge content and live bridge play to entertain the viewer on their path of discovery through the world's most popular card game.

Learn how to play with a master, 32 simple steps for beginners and intermediate players. 

More than three hours and 45 minutes of tuition over two discs, plus eight bonus animated deals.

1 - 8: Getting Started
1. The Game
2. Tricks
3. Trumps
4. Points
5. The Auction
6. Finding a Fit
7. Bidding Game
8. Scoring

9 - 32: Key Skills
9. Opening 1NT
10. Responding to 1NT
11. Opening One-of-a-Suit
12. Responding with Support
13. Responding without Support
14. Bidding Unbalanced Hands
15. Overcalling
16. Opening Lead
17. Basic Defense
18. Cashing Winners
19. Extra Tricks By Force
20. Extra Tricks By Length
21. The Finesse
22. Declaring No Trumps
23. Using Trumps
24. T.O.P. Defence
25. Signalling in Defence
26. Stayman
27. Slams and Blackwood
28. Strong Twos
29. Opening Two Clubs
30. Weak Threes
31. Double for Take Out
32. Double for Penalty

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