Richelieu Plays Bridge - Robert F. MacKinnon

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Richelieu Plays Bridge by Robert F. MacKinnon
Romance, Conspiracy, History...And Bridge!

In his first novel, Samurai Bridge, Robert MacKinnon took us to a 19th century Japan peopled with bridge players; in this book, we are transported to 17th Century France, a time contemporary with Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. The Court of the young King Louis XIII was populated by an unequalled group of colorful characters: the beautiful, devout, and devious queen, Anne of Austria, secretly in love with the dashingly handsome Duke of Buckingham, the lascivious Duchesse de Chevreuse who could easily twist a man, even a Cardinal, around her little finger, and Richelieu himself, the consummate schemer willing to sacrifice his soul in the pursuit of power. Once again, the narrative revolves around bridge games, from Richelieu's attempts at tutoring the young queen to the wickedly delicate intrigue which forms the second part of this book.

Dr Robert Mackinnon is a graduate of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London. After a thirty-year career as a mathematician he began writing humerous stories with a bridge setting, which have appeared in Bridge Plus, International Popular Bridge Magazine and the ACBL Bulletin. He lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

ISBN: 9781894154444, 224 pages, paperback

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