Shadow in the Bridge World - Mike Dorn Wiss



Shadow in the Bridge World by Mike Dorn Wiss
2022 Edition

The Shadow is a mysterious expert (at bridge, as well as many other sports) whose passion for anonymity means that you have never heard of him. The author is his friend, and under strict rules of concealment of the Shadow's identity, has been allowed to share these fascinating and instructive anecdotes with the world. Originally published more than 30 years ago, this edition is revised and expanded, with the addition of several new chapters.

About the Author
Mike Dorn Wiss (BC, Canada) is a Canadian bridge expert, teacher, professional player and writer. He has authored "Hermit". Canada's first full-length Science Fiction play produced by an equity theater, and numerous bridge articles for the Ontario Kibitzer and the ACBL Bulletin. He has taught bridge in his own club, at country clubs and other locales, as well as both privately and online. He divides his time between summers in Victoria, Canada and winters in Thailand, assiduously avoiding any hint of the snows under which he was weaned in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Categories: Honors eBooks | Honors Books | Bridge Fiction | Canadian Authors

ISBN 978-177140-248-4, Paperback, 218 pages, Master Point Press

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