Suit Contracts: Essential Bridge Plays - Brian Senior

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Suit Contracts: Essential Bridge Plays by Brian Senior

The correct play of suit contracts is a skill which the top players acquire only after many patient hours of study and play. When the opposition are lurking with their small trump cards ready to pounce and ruff your winners, you must exert great vigilience. There are countless factors to take into consideration when planning the play and difficult decisions arise on almost every trick: should you clear the trump suit early? can you establish a side suit? is it safe to cross-ruff?

In this book, renowned bridge author Brian Senior helps the reader to answer these questions and to comprehend the reasoning as to why certain decisions are taken. Each independent principle is thoroughly examined and the reader is then invited to test their own understanding of the concept by answering a number of puzzles, typical of those that arise in practical play.

Brian Senior is a professional bridge player and writer who has represented England, Northern Ireland and Great Britain internationally. He is author of many books including the famous World Championship Book series.

Paperback, 160 pages, D&B Publishing

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