The Rabbi's Magic Trick - David Bird & Ron Klinger



The Rabbi's Magic Trick - David Bird & Ron Klinger
The Rabbi's Magic Trick - David Bird & Ron Klinger
Master Bridge Series

Paperback, 128 pages

David Bird, the world's leading humorous bridge writer, joins forces again with Ron Klinger, one of the world's best-known bridge teachers and authors. The result is a scintillating new collection of stories about the bridge-playing Rabbi.

Where else would you find an unnervingly plausible account of a Rabbi gambling his holiday money in a high-stake rubber game against three wealthy Arabs? And where might you chance upon a parable such as the Synagogue team facing a team of Catholic priests and nuns (hired professionals!) as part of the St Benedict Commemoration celebrations?

As readers of 'Kosher Bridge' and 'The Rabbi and The Weaker Sex' (previously 'Kosher Bridge 2') will expect, the humour is sparkling and the bridge brilliant. Sit back, hold tight, and enjoy this vastly entertaining book.

ISBN-13: 978-0297869917, Peter Crawley

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