World Bridge Championships 2009 - Sao Paulo

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World Bridge Championships 2009 - Sao Paulo

Aimed at Intermediate to Advanced playersHere you have the definitive record of the 2009 World Bridge Championships that were staged in Sao Paulo.

Editor Brian Senior and his team of writers, including John Carruthers, Barry Rigal and Geo Tislevoll have once again delivered a terrific account of the various events: The Bermuda Bowl, the Venice Cup, the Seniors Bowl and the World Transnational Open teams Championship.

With 336 pages you get an amazing amount of terrific bridge for a relatively modest outlay.

Includes detailed analysis of hands played in each competition along with the scores from each match and the final rankings table - along with round-by-round reports and an abundance of photographs.

Paperback, 336 pages 

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