Millennium ChessLink (for use with ChessGenius Exclusive)



Millennium ChessLink (for use with ChessGenius Exclusive)
Millennium ChessLink (for use with ChessGenius Exclusive)

In the world of chess computers, the new Chess Link Module (= CL-Module), which can be
connected to the MILLENNIUM Exclusive chess board with fully automatic piece recognition,
opens up hitherto unknown possibilities. The CL-Module features both a USB port as well as a
Bluetooth receiver.

This being an open system, the specifications are released to any interested developers
worldwide. The MILLENNIUM interface code can be integrated into any GUI, e.g. Android or
Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows or Apple computers.

The MILLENNIUM CL-Module allows users
to connect a variety of mobile or
stationary devices to the MILLENNIUM
sensor board and play against preinstalled
programs or numerous Winboard or UCI
engines, compete against opponents from
all over the world on the internet, use
external chess databases, saving as many
chess games as one likes and have them
analyzed automatically, and much more.

A convenient Android App for using high-powered Winboard or UCI engines (e.g. Komodo,
Stockfish, ...) is included free of charge. The famous world-class program HIARCS (for iPhone
or iPad) is available for free update (for already installed Apps). Playing for example on an
Apple iPad Pro, HIARCS achieves an incredible playing strength of over 3100 Elo. Fortunately,
it can automatically adapt to the user's level of play and show his ELO rating.

*ChessGenius Exclusive Computer not included - sold separately

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