Demo 1a: Large Slot-in Chess Demonstration Board



The 36" Chess Demo Board is ideal for teaching very large groups or for displaying tournament moves in a chess club or hall. It is made of quality vinyl with screen printed squares and solid wooden dowels to hold everything straight.
This set comes with white pieces, each with a colored chessman on it, and they slip neatly into the 4" square clear pockets so each piece is firmly held in place. We have newly designed chess demo pieces that are more like the designs used by modern chess books and computers. The set of pieces include all 32 pieces plus some extra stars for teaching.

  • 36" x 36" w/ 4" squares
  • Pieces are 3 1/4" x 3 3/4"
  • Easy-to-see pieces
  • Extra stars for teaching
  • Great for small/medium groups

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