DGT Echo Talking Chess Clock



DGT Echo: The Clock that speaks!

DGT proudly presents DGT Echo, a speaking chess clock for blind and visually impaired players or for use by those who just want to have the time remaining announced.

At the touch of a button it informs players of their own remaining time or their opponent's remaining time.

DGT Echo is the audio version of the widely used DGT3000 chess clock and has these extra advantages:

  • All settings and clock times are spoken in the English language
  • Striking color combination designed to suit visually handicapped players
  • Braille buttons and audio Quick Guide for ease of use
  • Two earplugs included; clock sound levels adjustable for each player

The DGT3000 is approved by the International Chess Federation FIDE and can connect to all electronic DGT e-Boards.

This chess clock comes with:
- 2 single sided earphones
- 2 batteries
- DGT Echo quick guide
- Braillecard
- DGT3000 manual

DGT Echo Quick Guide

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