Tournament Chess Set Box (Plastic Gambit Pieces, Roll-Mat, Magnetic Clasp Box)

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Tournament Chess Set Box (Plastic Gambit Pieces, Roll-Mat, Magnetic Clasp Box)
Tournament Chess Set Box (Plastic Gambit Pieces, Roll-Mat, Magnetic Clasp Box)
Everything you need for Chess in a Box

We've put our most popular Gambit Chess Pieces and our standard roll-up mat in the new Magnetic Clasp Box to make the perfect Tournament Chess Box.

The pieces are made from a very durable plastic - this is the standard set you'll find used in chess clubs, schools and tournaments worldwide. Comes packaged in a clear polybag. King measures 95mm / 3.75" which is a standard tournament size. Base diameter of pieces is 35mm / 1.4" which best suits a 50mm square chess board (included)

Comes with a durable plastic roll-up mat with green and white squares. Very easy to carry. Each square measures 50mm / 2". Overall size is 44.5cm square. Algebraic notation is printed on all 4 sides.

Keep your chess sets safe, secure and separated neatly. The magnetic clasp box is perfect for storing chess sets and a roll up mat! It's so useful it can fit anything else too, such as clock, scorebook and pens for example (not included).

Never have to fold up and crease your roll-up mats again. There's enough space to keep your roll-up mat rolled outwards (so it always flattens out when used) and your chess pieces inside of it.

The boxes conveniently can be stacked neatly on top of each other for tidy storage. They are colourful and clearly marked so you know exactly what they are - there's even some blank space on the back to stick your own labels or write with a sharpie your name, group or organisation they belong to. Great for kids starting out in the game, schools and clubs.

Box Dimensions: 537mm x 140mm x 76mm

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Excellent Sets

Currently using it for my new chess club that I've started. Fast delivery, and excellent price

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