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Miguel Najdorf: Life, Games & Stories by Zenon Franco
'El Viejo'

How could anyone not remember Najdorf’s sayings, repeated again and again, as entertaining as the first time he said them: “I had a ve-e-ery wise aunt, who used to say, better a pawn up than a pawn down”, laughing. “There are two ways of winning at chess, when you play well and your opponent plays badly, or when you play badly and your opponent plays worse”. “First the idea, then the move!”, etc., etc.

We shall summarise nothing less than seventy years of Don Miguel’s chessplaying life, and we shall take a brief look back at the history of chess in Argentina, sometimes seen through Don Miguel’s eyes, thanks to his own writings. All of this, and his games, will be discussed in the book. Najdorf was the most important Argentinean chessplayer and he was an exceptional person.

This is a chess book, with 275 commented games, it covers all his chess career but it also has many stories.

Paperback, 720 pages, Thinkers Publishing

Teaser [PDF] – Miguel Najdorf – El Viejo – Life, Games & Stories

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