Silman's Chess Odyssey - Jeremy Silman



Silman's Chess Odyssey by Jeremy Silman
Cracked Grandmaster Tales, Legendary Players, and Instruction and Musings

From the bestselling author of How to Reassess Your Chess and Silman’s Complete Endgame Course comes a new offering. Part instructional, part history, and part memoir, International Master Jeremy Silman pays homage to the game he loves. Chess is a strategic battle, a struggle for power and dominance. It can become an obsession, or can simply be a game to be enjoyed. When played at its highest level it is an art form.

In Chess Odyssey Silman touches on all these aspects of the game. Starting on the light side with behind-the-scenes tales of tournament life, Silman’s Chess Odyssey then takes a serious turn to history, and profiles the life and careers of eleven legendary players (Adolf Anderssen, Ignatz Kolisch, Johannes Zukertort, Siegbert Tarrasch, Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker, Frank Marshall, Rudolf Spielmann, Alexander Alekhine, Salo Flohr, Efim Geller) including over 275 games with diagrams and analysis.

In the third part of this 540 page tome Silman, writes of criminals who were also talented chess players, discusses an odd series of game at a historic interzonal tournament, and memorializes some friends.

Known as one of the premiere instructional chess writers and teachers, part four concentrates on just that and includes a smattering of material on openings, imbalances, tactics, chess psychology, and FAQ.

Illustrated thoughout with B&W photographs.


“I’ve long given up on favorite titles—now I think in terms of favorite chess authors: Bronstein, Fischer, Larsen, Nunn, Silman and Tal are my top six. Clear. From which, Silman gets first on my entertainment scale. Jeremy delivers unvarnished first-hand stories featuring great dollops of hilarity. If there is a chance for Jeremy to stick a foot into own mouth, he will choose both feet! I love it! And so will you! J’s Chess Odyssey is yet another marvelous insight into the wonderful world of chess.”
—Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan, four-time U.S. Chess Champion

“Chess Odyssey is a kaleidoscope of entertaining chess characters and stories. Silman gives us everything from historical drama and outrageous tales to classic games and loads of instructive tips ranging from psychology to strategy to tactics. A great read!”
—International Master John Watson

“As an old sidekick of Jeremy's, I know that he is as entertaining in person as in his writings on chess, which made him a best-seller. Here is history and instruction with the unique Silman slant. Chess should not be a dry study. Smile while you learn.”
—International Master Anthony Saidy

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