CHESS Magazine - June 2019

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All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine and more! Regular features include: How Good is Your Chess? by GM Daniel King, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters..., Studies, Home & Overseas News, Forthcoming Events Calendar and Book Reviews.

In this issue:
  • Editorial - Malcolm Pein on the latest developments in the game
  • 60 Seconds with...Paul Littlewood - The former British Champion once received a chocolate chess set!
  • Oh, Maggie! - Watch out - Magnus ‘Maggie’ Carlsen is back to his very best
  • How Good is Your Chess? - Watch out too for Artemiev and Dubov, as Daniel King explains
  • A Second Set of Silver! - Nigel Povah reports from the World Senior Team Championships
  • Just Too Good - Guildford were once again the dominant force in the 4NCL
  • Find the Winning Moves - Your endgame ability should be especially tested this month
  • New York! New York! - Ben Graff took a trip into the world of New York chess
  • Readers’ Letters - Some of you are also in favour of using smaller chess sets
  • Never Mind the Grandmasters... - Carl popped up the road to Solihull to visit the English Seniors
  • Following in Blackburne’s Footsteps - Nigel Towers reports from the English Seniors Championships
  • Getting There! - Paul Littlewood explains how he became English Over-50s Champion
  • A Clever Accident - Junior Tay investigates if Be3 in the Closed Sicilian really attacks c5
  • Home News - Success for Marcus Harvey, Matthew Turner & Matthew Wadsworth
  • Overseas News - Gawain Jones has been in Iceland, Italy, Sweden and China of late
  • Solutions - Answers to Find the Winning Moves and some recent Studies winners
  • This Month’s New Releases - The latest reviews courtesy of Sean Marsh and Danny Gormally
  • Saunders on Chess - John enjoyed revisiting a classic miniature won by Boris Spassky

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