CHESS Magazine - March 2016

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All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! Regular features such as: How Good is Your Chess?, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters, Studies, Home & Overseas News, Calendar and Book Reviews.

In this issue:

  • Blunders and Brilliancies in Wijk aan Zee - Yochanan Afek reports from the small Dutch coastal town
  • 4NCL Round-Up - All the action from the first 6 rounds of the UK’s premier chess league
  • A Truly Open Tournament - Matthew Lunn on arguably the Open of the year, Gibraltar
  • Michael J. Basman: National Treasure - As Mike prepares to turn 70, John Henderson pays tribute
  • Chess & Murder - Rex Makin remembers the two going hand in hand in Liverpool
  • Will the Record be Broken? - Two rare Victorian chess sets are currently for sale
  • The Fork in the Road - Bob Jones examines the issue: chess or a proper job?
  • The Grace of Alekhine - Dr Leonard Skinner reveals more about Alekhine’s fourth wife
  • Storm Danny hits Hebden Bridge - Dave Shapland reports on a special fund-raising simul
  • Saunders on Chess - John reflects on the success of the Gibraltar Chess Festival
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