CHESS Magazine - September 2014

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CHESS Magazine - September 2014

UK's most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! In this issue:
  • A Tale of Two Halves - Jonathan Hawkins was caught by David Howell at the British
  • To Aberystwyth! - Andrew Zigmond made his annual pilgrimage to the British
  • So Strong - James Coleman on another victory for Wesley So
  • The New No. 3 - Caruana conquered Dortmund as his rating soared
  • Bu Conquers Denmark - Sabrina Chevannes reports from the land of Hamlet
  • The Legendary John Healy - Carl Portman met up with the author of The Grass Arena
  • Andrew Whiteley - David Anderton and David Sedgewick remember Andrew's life
  • A Reversed Fajarowicz - Matthew Lun's take on the Bloodgood Variation
  • The Rear Opposition - Nick Ivell explains about an important feature of bishop endings
  • Fire on Board! - Razor-sharp games from Simon Williams and John-Paul Wallace
  • A Strong Seniors - Chris Fegan reports from the World Senior Team Championship

Plus all the regular features such as: How Good is Your Chess? Saunders on Chess, Studies, Home & Overseas News, Find the Winning Moves, Calendar, Book Reviews.

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