Time Management in Chess - Regina Pokorna

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Time Management in Chess
by Regina Pokorna

We’ve all experienced the evils of time trouble in our chess life. Time is ticking, panic is rising, and we make moves that we wouldn’t consider if we had more time on our clock. From winning to losing – all our effort is wasted because we couldn’t manage our time more efficiently. What is worse – we keep repeating this mistake over and over again.

Time trouble is one of the most common chess player bad habits. One can’t really avoid spending time on complicated positions, but they are not the only issue. There are other factors, like insufficient opening preparation, perfectionism, missing self-confidence, etc. In this video course, I’d like to assist you with handling time management during your game. How to avoid it, and how to react when you’ve no other choice. I’ve organized this course into 2 parts. In the first part I focus on the methods and techniques that will help you to avoid time trouble, such as: strict opening repertoire, using chess intuition wisely, identifying critical moments, deciding between several possible moves, prophylactic thinking and how to avoid perfectionism in chess. In the second part, the focus lies on the moments in time trouble. How players of different strength and experience solve their problems at the board, but also why many of them (incl. strong grandmasters) failed. I cover topics like: looking for chances in a worse position and finding the best ways out of it; how and why to keep emotions under the control; complicated and complex positions; why to be cautious with the changes in a pawn structure in time trouble; and when and if to convert positions into (pawn) endgames.

  • Video running time: 7 h 20 minutes
  • Interactive training including video feedback
  • Extra: Best practice PDF

Including download & stream for iPad, tablet etc: can be unlocked with imprinted key

System requirements
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