The Chess Wizardry of Wotawa - Lakdawala & Hansen



The Chess Wizardry of Wotawa by Cyrus Lakdawala & Carsten Hansen
Improve your ability to find creative solutions and combinations in the endgame

In this book, the authors aim to assist the reader in becoming better at finding combinations and creative solutions, constructing plans, and calculating long, forcing variations. For the purpose of instruction, the material is based on the creative output of the Austrian International Master in Chess Composition Alois Wotawa (1896-1970), using his endgame compositions from various works and publications.

This is not a book for lower-rated players and newcomers to chess as the material is seriously complex and challenging. But ambitious players will find an incredible source of interesting material that is carefully annotated.

Chess Endgame Magic & Tactics

ISBN-13 : ‎978-8793812352, Paperback, 267 pages, self-published

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