The Correct Exchange in the Endgame - Eduardas Rozentalis (Extended New Edition)



The Correct Exchange in the Endgame - Eduardas Rozentalis (Extended New Edition)
The Correct Exchange in the Endgame by Eduardas Rozentalis
(Extended New Edition)

The endgame is the most complicated erea of chess.
In his book GM Rozentalis looks at some of the most important questions: the connection between the opening and the endgame, when to exchange, bishops against knights, be patient or just simplify.
Along the way he gives a word of advice when to calculate as exactly as possible and when to rely on your acquired knowledge.

He presents many examples from his own experiences where the reader is well guided and eventually is provided with a clear so-lution.
This book is highly recommended to all players as well as anyone who is coaching and cares for the pure understanding in the endgame.

This is his second extended edition. The first edition was nomiated 'FIDE Chess Book' of 2016.

About the Author
Grandmaster Eduardas Rozentalis was champion of Lithuania twice. In between 1985 until now he won 45 international tournaments, played for many european different clubteams and in 10 Chess Olympiads for Lithuania.

ISBN: 9789082256697, Paperback, 168 pages Thinkers Publishing

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