The Modern Endgame Manual: Mastering Queen and Pawn Endgames - Adrian Mikhalchishin & Csaba Balogh



Mastering Queen and Pawn Endgames by Adrian Mikhalchishin & Csaba Balogh
The Modern Endgame Manual

Paperback, 272 pages

This first book of an eight book, FIDE Approved, series 'The Modern Endgame Manual' is a combination of king and pawn endgames and queen and pawn endgames. The pawn endgames consist of 5 main chapters with a graduation to 35 different topics. The queen endgames consist of 3 main chapters graduating to 15 different topics. The material in the book is very useful for players of every level from the complete beginner to GM.
In this fourteen book series FIDE Senior trainers Adrian Mikhalchishin and Efstratios Grivas along with GM Csaba Balogh aim to produce a comprehensive series of books whose main concept is to provide theoretical knowledge which can be used in practical games. Each book will have a theoretical section followed by practical examples. The aim is to focus on positions that are most likely to occur and and the practical playing of them.

Book 1 - queens and pawn endgames
Book 2 - minor piece endgames
Books 3-5 - rook endgames
Books 6 & 7 - All other endgame piece combinations
Book 8 - endgame exchanges and simplifications
Books 9-14 - practical, instructive examples and exercises covering all endgame topics

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