Together with the Candidates: Budapest 1950 until Berlin 2018 - Alexey Kuzmin



Together with the Candidates: Budapest 1950 until Berlin 2018 - Alexey Kuzmin
Together with the Candidates: from Budapest 1950 until Berlin 2018
by Alexey Kuzmin

Elite games, Tests and History
This book is a presentation of the history of all the Candidates Tournaments and matches. However it is also a book of tests and solutions, given in the format of game fragments with detailed comments. All the problems selected by Alexey have been taken from the games of all the Candidates competitions.

Alexey Kuzmin was born in 1963, Moscow Russia. He was the champion of the Central Chess Club of the USSR IN 1985 and Moscow 1986. Having won the round-robin tournament in Managua 1987, he became an IM and earned his GM title in 1995. Alexey was the winner of a number of international competitions and soon entered the top 100 of the world rating list. In 2004 he ended his active playing career.

Alexey has been working as a professional coach more than 30 years. He was the second of the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov during the years of his struggle against Garry Kasparov (1987-1991). Since 1992 he was the appraised coach of the Qatar National team. in 2004, Alexey achieved the "FIDE Senior Trainer" title.

In the period from 2006 until 2015, he worked as a second of GM Alexander Morozevich, the candidate to the World Champion's title.

This is his second book for 'Thinkers Publishing', his first 'Together with Morozevich', being regarded as a most remarkable book.

ISBN 9789492510358, Paperback, 280 pages, Thinkers Publishing


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