DGT Smart Board: Electronic Chess Board and Pieces

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DGT Smart Board: Electronic Chess Board and Pieces

The DGT Smart Board is the latest addition to our range of electronic chess boards.The boards are made of high quality plastic providing the same great functionality and user experience as existing wooden e-Boards.

Use the board to play online at internet chess sites (chess.com, play chess, chess24 and more) to play against chess engines or simply to record the moves of your game. You can retrieve the moves later in PGN format for analysis or publication. Or broadcast your game live via the internet using the free DGT LiveChess software.

Use the board for chess training and analysis of games or positions. The ingenious e-Boards with individual piece recognition act as a unique chess move input device. Simply set up any position on the board and your computer will instantly recognize the individual pieces and their positions. No hassle to input a position into the computer and great ease of use.

Or add the DGT Pi chess computer to turn your DGT board into a great sparring partner. 

The USB e-Board is a beautiful chess-PC interface and typical DGT product: innovative and designed for the true chess lover. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. High quality and value for money.

Smart Boards can be used in many different ways at home, club or tournament.

Where are the boards used?

Electronic DGT boards are used at World Chess Championships and all major and many minor chess tournaments all over the world since 1998. In addition the boards are used at home, at the chess club and chess academy and all kinds of chess events.

What are DGT boards?

  • All DGT boards have tournament size squares of 55x55mm.
  • Unique patented sensor technology registers both the identity (type and colour) and the location of each individual chess piece on the board.
  • An internal memory records the games (stores up to 500 moves).
  • Official tournament size with king height 95mm / 3.75".
  • The DGT3000 and DGT Echo chess clocks connect to the boards.
  • Free DGT LiveChess software is included for live broadcasting of games via the internet.

How are they used?

  • Chess tournaments use the DGT boards to show games live as they happen via the internet on their website or on smartphones and tablets.
  • The games are also shown live to the public on screens at the playing venue.
  • The boards are used at clubs, at home or at events to record and save games so they can later be retrieved for publication or analysis.
  • DGT boards are used to play online against opponents via the internet on chess platforms such as Chess.com and PlayChess.com. There are real benefits in using a real board and pieces. 
  • The boards are used to quickly and easily set up chess positions for analysis as the board instantly recognises any position.
  • DGT boards are used to play against chess programs and engines. 
  • The boards are used in combination with the DGT Pi Chess Computer for playing, analysing and sparring.
  • The computer moves are shown on the display of the chess clock or can be spoken out.
  • The boards are used for computer assisted analysis of games. To improve in chess you need to analyse your games.
Standard cable connections are included - for most uses the USB cable and DVD are sufficient. The DVD contains drivers, DGT LiveChess software, ChessBase Fritz14 chess playing engine and gives 100 days Premium Membership to Playchess.com.

To use the Smart Board in a tournament set-up different cables should be ordered. For more information about the connections please enquire with us before ordering.

Innovative design
The DGT Smart Board has an innovative new design. The smaller footprint makes it appear the board is hovering on the table. The woodprint finish on top of the board is visually very appealing and looks just like real wood. The board is lightweight, thin and ergonomic making it easy to store and transport. The new board scans faster and at the same time has much improved energy efficiency.

The board is available with indices or without indices and is compatible with all DGT electronic chess sets both wooden and plastic. The board topside size is 52 x 52cm with tournament square size 55 x 55mm.

All benefits of electronic chess boards made affordable!

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