Universal Storage and Travel Case for DGT Chess Clocks



Universal Storage and Travel Case for DGT Chess Clocks

This universal clock storage case transports and stores up to ten DGT clocks. Instead of fitting one specific type of clock the case fits any type of DGT clock.

It is made from aluminium and it is internally padded with foam to ensure that the clocks are protected and secured in place while in transit. The case is also fitted with a key lock for added security. Overall dimensions of box: 44 x 63 x 18 cm. Weight when empty: 2.5kg.

Ideal for the chess clubs and tournament organisers that want to protect their most valuable assets - the digital chess clocks. This clock box can accommodate the following models of DGT chess clock: DGT2010, DGT XL, DGT North American and DGT Easy and Easy Plus chess clocks.

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