The Fearsome Four Pawns Attack - Jerzy Konikowski & Marek Soszynski



The Fearsome Four Pawns Attack - Jerzy Konikowski & Marek Soszynski

Facing the King's Indian? Take No Prisoners!
Ever fancied playing the most aggressive system imaginable against one of Black's most popular defenses? Suiting the type of player that concerns himself only with full points and thinks 'draw' is a type of poker. The aim of the system is clear; white is claiming as much central space as possible and aims to suffocate black before a powerful central pawn thrust. Uncomfortable for the black player to meet this opening puts the defense back into the King's Indian Defense. An excellent book with thorough research and detailed annotations covering a much neglected variation.

About the Authors
Jerzy Konikowski is one of the most prolific chess authors in the world, with dozens of publications in several languages to his credit. He holds the FIDE Master title as well as titles in correspondence chess and chess composition. Marek Soszynski is a Master of Philosophy and co-author of the best-selling and widely acclaimed How to Think in Chess.

Russell Enterprises, Paperback, 283 pages

"The Fearsome Four Pawns Attack may not be a necessary purchase for all Kings Indianplayers, but its definitely worth having. And for someone who plays the White side of the Four Pawns it would be risky to do without it."
- John Watson on TWIC

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