The Next Level - Andrew Robson



The Next Level - Andrew Robson
The Next Level by Andrew Robson

Following on from Andrew's acclaimed Tips for Intermediates, his new book The Next Level continues your journey to Advanced and beyond.

There are 36 topics:

Basic Opener Strategy, Stayman, Transfers, Weak responding hands, 4th Suit Forcing, Overcalling, Take-out double, Penalty Double, Showing your shape, Finesse, Suit EstabIishment, DeIaying drawing trumps, The Lead card, Three Weak Twos, Pre-empting, Bidding big hands, Signal and Discard, Suit Preference Signal, Losing Trick Count, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Splinter bids, Trial Biding, Ace-showing cue bids, Jacoby2NT, Notrumps, Danger Hand, Elimination &Throw-in, Squeeze, More Squeeze, Negative Double, Two-suited lnterventions, Law of Total Tricks, Tricky Leads, Quick and SIow Defence, Cheat Seat & Hand EvaIuation-Points Schmoints

Each subdivided into four pages with key modern bidding theory combined with an illustrative deal per page.

ISBN-13: 978-1908866103, Hardback

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