Think Like A Machine - Manella & Zohar

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Think Like A Machine
by Noam Manella and Zeev Zohar

Cooperation between computer advancement and human creativity could form the basis for a leap forward in chess thinking. In Think Like a Machine the boundaries of human thinking are confronted with computer analysis to inspire an expansion in human thinking.

In positions taken primarily from modern tournament play, the authors present jaw-dropping continuations which humans struggle to find, due to lower human computing power and, more importantly, conceptual and perceptual limitations. If you seek to expand your imagination and understanding of chess, this book is for you.

Think Like A Machine is the second chess book written by Noam Manella and Zeev Zohar. Their previous chess book, Play Unconventional Chess, was a highlight in chess publishing a few years ago. Manella has written non-chess books, notably 'The Creative Code', a guide to the elusive subject of creativity.

Paperback or Hardback, 248 pages, Quality Chess


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