Basic Acol Bridge Flipper - Ron Klinger



Basic Acol Bridge Flipper - Ron Klinger
Basic Acol Bridge Flipper - Ron Kilnger

Paperback, 28 pages

This guide contains all the essential information about Acol bidding and play for beginners. Specifically designed to be used with Ron Klinger's Acol Bridge Made Easy, this flipper covers:
  • Points for Games and Slams
  • Opening the Bidding
  • Opening With a Balanced Hand
  • Responding to 1NT and 2NT
  • Weak Responses to 1 Club/ 1 Diamond/ 1 Heart/ 1 Spade
  • Weak Responses - Opener's Rebids
  • Strong Responses to 1 Club/ 1 Diamond/ 1 Heart/ 1 Spade
  • Strong Responses - Opener's Rebids
  • Responder's Rebids
  • 2-Openings and Pre-Empts
  • Bidding to Slams
  • Overcalls & Takeout Doubles
  • Leads, Signals and Defence
  • Rubber Bridge Scoring Table
About the Author
Ron Klinger is probably the world's leading bridge author with more than forty books to his credit. He is also an Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master. Andrew Kambites, also a very successful author, is a leading UK bridge teacher.

ISBN: 978-0304362790

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