Breaking the Bridge Rules: First Hand Play - Barry Rigal



Breaking the Bridge Rules: First Hand Play by Barry Rigal

Rules are made to be broken, and bridge is no exception. The the first of a planned four-book series on cardplay, this book deals with situations where the player who is on lead — defender or declarer, at the start of the deal or in the middle — needs to do something that involves ostensibly 'breaking the rules'. Not, obviously, the rules of bridge itself, but the well-tried adages that every player is taught — the rules of thumb that work in a lot of cases. Knowing when to break those rules is one of the marks of an expert player. 

About the Author
Born in the UK, Barry Rigal now lives in New York with his wife, US international Sue Picus. A prolific writer for bridge magazines around the world, he is perhaps best-known as the VuGraph commentator at World and European championships.

128pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-54-9

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