Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 2 - Stephen Kennedy



Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 2 - Stephen Kennedy
Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 2 by Stephen Kennedy
The Journey Continues...

Those who have read Crocs on Squeeze Play: Volume One will know what to expect with this one: another fantastical leap into the world of squeeze play, this time with a bit more kick.

Volume One introduced many new concepts and it is only natural to continue to explore them. In this second volume you will see the return of Imaginary and Winkle squeezes, butt heads with the Guard squeeze, and discover all-new types of squeezes, like the Rectification squeeze.

The journey looks to be adventurous, but above all, it will be fun.Stephen Kennedy (better known as ‘Crocs’) lives in Sussex. He has represented the UK many times at the junior (under-25) level.

Categories: Advanced | Honors eBooks | Honors Books

Master Point Press, 260pp | ISBN 978-177140-205-7

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