Human Bridge Errors - Kleinman & Straguzzi



Human Bridge Errors - Edited by Danny Kleinman & Nick Straguzzi

Chthonic, the irascible bridge-playing computer, is back! This time, he's attempting to teach humans a little about the game of bridge — not in order to turn them into competent players, as he knows that is impossible. But he thinks he may be able to get the reader to the point where his cell phone won't laugh at him behind his back every time he plays a card (it does, you know). Each chapter of this wickedly funny book highlights a different 'human bridge error', and points out why and how it should be avoided.

Chthonic, the irascible bridge-playing computer, modestly describes himself as the world's best bridge player.

About the Editors
Danny Kleinman of Los Angeles is a prolific bridge writer, theorist, professional player, and teacher, who is a regular contributor to several bridge magazines. He is a Contributing Editor of The Bridge World, and is one of the moderators of 'The Master Solvers' Club' in that magazine. He also writes about backgammon, another game which he plays at an expert level.

Nick Straguzzi of Mullica Hill, NJ, is a software analyst specializing in artificial intelligence and knowledge management. Nick has researched ways in which computer game theory could be applied to bridge, but concluded that it would be far easier to write about a perfect bridge-playing computer than to actually build one.

192pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-27-3

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