The Naked Bridge Player: And Other Stories - David Silver



The Naked Bridge Player: And Other Stories by David Silver

Professor Silver is back! The hero of Tales Out of School, A Study in Silver, and Bridge The Silver Way takes on new opponents as the author finds fresh literary targets to lampoon. Yes, the man who brought us the Silver Certainty Principle, the Eastwood convention ("Do you feel lucky, partner?") and the concept of the supremacy of the heart suit in bridge now takes aim at The Matrix ("Will you cut the red cards or the blue?"), The Three Musketeers ("All for one... me"), and All Quiet on the Western Front ("Have you heard of the Geneva Convention...?") among many others. This new collection will keep Silver afficionados laughing all the way through the holiday season.

About the Author
David Silver (1935-2017) is known for his hilarious tales of life as an educator, and for literary classics retold in a bridge setting. For more than twenty years, his wickedly witty bridge writings have appeared in the page of such publications as The New York Times, the ACBL Bulletin, The Kibitzer, and Canadian Master Point.

160pp | Paperback | ISBN 978-1-897106-15-0

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