World Bridge Championships 2021 - Salsomaggiore Terme

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World Bridge Championships 2021 - Salsomaggiore Terme
45th World 2021 Bridge Team Championships

The official book of the World Bridge Championships in Salsomaggiore, Italy will be released at the World Bridge Series in Wroclaw later this year. It is comprised of approximately 300 full colour pages. The principal contributors are Brian Senior, Barry Rigal, Mark Horton, Marek Wojcicki, Daniel Gulyas & Ron Tacchi. The book includes many photographs from the championships, a full list of results and extensive coverage of the major championship events.

Published by the World Bridge Federation

Edited by MARK HORTON (UK) who travels the world writing about bridge. Editor of BeBridge magazine and of the Daily Bulletins at World and European Championships, he is also the author of nine previous MPP titles.

ISBN: 978-1-77140-079-4, Paperback, 335 pages

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