Fritz Powerbook 2024

Format: PC-DVD


Fritz Powerbook 2024
The current openings theory with 1.7 million games

The Fritz Powerbook 2024 contains 25 millions opening positions, derived from 1.7 million high class tournament games. Together with each position all relevant information is stored: all moves that were played in the position, by players of what average rating, with what success and performance results. The games from hich the Fritz Powerbook 2024 were derived (except the Corr Games) are also included on the DVD or download version. The Fritz Powerbook 2024 represents the state of the art of current openings theory. The FritzPowerbook was derived also from the best 100,000 games from the Correspondence 2024 Database to enhance even more the theoretical value of moves given by the book. With the 2024 edition you get 3 Books: Fritz Powerbook, Strongbook and the CorrBook.

Discover exciting and tricky new lines and practice them against Fritz. In addition the DVD has a small but very exclusive book with the strongest GM games (ELO >= 2550) from the past 100 years (2.7 Mio positions) and StrongBook Games Database.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Desktop PC or Notebook, 2 GB RAM, Windows 11, 10 or 8.1, Fritz 19, 18 or 17 or ChessBase 17, 16 or 15 and DVD drive.

EAN 9783866819283

Includes DOWNLOAD! Download can be unlocked with DVD serial number via ChessBase account.

Update prices only valid if existing program key is supplied or DVD returned (just email us the code with your order number).

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