The Safest Scandinavian Reloaded - Vassilios Kotronias



The Safest Scandinavian Reloaded
by Vassilios Kotronias

A completely revised edition, which retains the structure of the first edition but is based on new analysis of all critical lines.

This book presents a Black repertoire based on the Scandinavian Defence with 3...Qd6. This is the safest yet aggressive queen retreat. It allows Black to increase pressure on d4 with ...0-0-0 or ...Rd8 while keeping coordination in the centre. Kotronias offers new plans for Black in the most topical lines. They are backed with deep analysis based on solid chess understanding.

GM Vassilios Kotronias is ten-time champion of Greece and a famous theoretician. His peak rating so far was 2628.

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ISBN: 9786197188394 | Paperback | Pages: 300 | Chess Stars

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Gosling
A new edition of Kotronias's 2017 bestseller.

This is a specialized opening book mainly concerned with the 3...Qd6 variation. It does not cover the other variations of the Scandinavian. I do not have the 2017 edition, so it is worth having the newer edition.

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