World Chess Academy Chess Set



World Chess Academy Chess Set

Official World Chess Academy set is the first-ever set that is produced in plastic in exactly the same design as the famous official World Chess Championship set that is used in the World Chess Championship matches and Grand Prix!  


- Pieces are weighted (500gr)
- No spare queen
- The pieces are made from a high-quality plastic injected into a bespoke hand-polished mold.
- King height is 86mm, best for club and tournament play.
- The set comes with a high-quality cardboard chessboard, square size is 50mm.
- Designer: Daniel Weil of Pentagram

Since 2013, the sets in this design have been exclusively used in the World Chess Championship matches and top events. The set premiered at the famous 2013 Candidates Tournament in London where Magnus Carlsen won his ticket to the Championship Match on tie-breaks. 

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