Play the Alekhine Defence - Alexei Kornev



Play the Alekhine Defence by Alexei Kornev
Play the Alekhine Defence by Alexei Kornev

In the Alekhine Defence, contrary to the classical methods of playing in the
opening, Black does not fight for the centre with his pawns, but begins to
exert immediate pressure against White's centre. Black's knight on f6
attacks the pawn on e4, and if it advances, then Black's d-pawn joins into
the attack against it.
The Alekhine Defence is particularly applicable in encounters against
players who are inferior in class, as well as in games with a short
time-control. This opening is not used so often in practice, so your
opponent might lose plenty of time to recollect the opening theory. That
might prove to be a very negative factor for him in the forthcoming fight.

ISBN: , Paperback, 288 pages, Chess Stars

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