The Motif - Gyula Meszaros



The Motif by Gyula Meszaros

"The motif is the effect that a chess piece has towards another (own or opposing) piece, or square" so is the definition by the author in the introduction chapter.

According to Meszaros, motifs fall into two categories: basic or combinational. The elements of both groups can be simple or complex, depending on the number of their components.

Concepts like Potential Attack, Undefended piece or square, X-Ray, Blockade are explained with illustrative examples. 

About the author
IM Gyula Meszaros is a chess educator, author and journalist. He was awarded his diploma in chess training at the Hungarian University of Sports Science.

His pupils in Hungary and in England have won almost 200 gold medals in both individual and team championships in many different age groups during his thirty year long career. Akshaya Kalaiyalahan (G-18) and Ferenc Berkes (B-14) won the bronze medal  in Junior European Chess Championships, furthermore, Tamas Fodor (B-10) and Ferenc Berkes (B-18) brought home the gold medal in their age groups in World Chess Championships.

Gyula played a major role in laying down the foundations of regional chess education, and in the levelling up of chess life in disadvantaged regions in Hungary.

ISBN 9786150152943, 80 pages, paperback, self-published

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