Plastic Weighted Gambit Chess Set, Deluxe Silicone Mat and Drawstring Bag



Plastic Weighted Gambit Chess Set, Deluxe Silicone Mat and Drawstring Bag
By far the most popular plastic chess set in the world

The Plastic Weighted Gambit Chess Set is made from a very durable plastic - this is the weighted standard set you'll find used in chess clubs, schools and tournaments worldwide. Comes packaged in a clear polybag. King measures 95mm / 3.75" which is a standard tournament size. Base diameter of pieces is 35mm / 1.4".

Comes with two extra Queens, (one per side) for easy promotion.No more upturned rooks!

The set comes with our ultra durable Deluxe Silicone Chess Mat - never have a creased chess board again! Correctly sized for Tournament play, this green and white silicon board combines high durability with a lightweight practicality. Unlike cheaper PVC boards, this product can be folded, rolled or shoved haphazardly into a full backpack without any damage or creasing to the playing area. With a square size of 57mm (appropriate for sets up to 4 Inch king height) and algebraic notation, this board is perfect for players just starting out, or just starting to really study their chess. Total Size: 50cm Square Size: 57mmWeight: 295g
- Incredibly, always returns to it's original shape no matter what!

All this fits inside the Natural Cotton Drawstring Bag which holds and protects this complete chess set and is easy to open and close. This neat bag safely stores your chess pieces and is large enough to hold both colours and our silicone mat. Made from 5oz Natural Cotton, these bags come with drawstring handles. They are Ethically Sourced, Economical and extremely Environmentally Friendly. Dimensions – 250 x 230 (mm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Crowther
Great value.

Sturdy, simple design. Will last a lifetime. New mat material travel friendly. Thank you.

Christopher Wright
Very Happy

The Plastic Weighted Gambit Chess Set are a joy to play with - the weight of the King even enables it to do a rather elegant slow motion fall when resigning.

The Deluxe Silicone Mat board really does incredibly return to it's original shape, no matter how hard you try to scrunch it up.

Service was also excellent - mine arrived with a damaged rook which was replaced immediately without any hassle.

Pete Osborne
Chess set saved

Money well spent, for the price this is super. Purchased for 5 year old grandson who wanted to use my set to play chess. His idea currently is a mixture of chess (he does know the layout and all the moves) draughts and Dinosaur fighting. Produces some good games. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting a proper set on a budget.

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